I stand for Limited, Constitutional and Common Sense Government

Taxes, Spending and Government
We can no longer afford unsustainable government. Unfortunately, as government incurs more and more unsustainable obligations, cutting taxes becomes more and more difficult. Conservatives have been saying for decades that we need to reduce the size of government as a matter of principle. Now we are faced with the prospect of having to do this as a matter of necessity. The bleak future gives us two paths from which to choose. The first is that the burden of unsustainable government falls on the citizens. The second option -- the one I favor -- is that we roll back government to sustainable levels. This will take work to make it happen.

Supporting Oregon's Job Creators and Middle Class Families
The economic outlook for the State of Oregon is not good. Rising PERS costs, healthcare costs, and the impact of minimum wage legislation means that now is the time for state government to tighten its belt. Let's cut spending, reduce fraud and waste, and look for ways to cut regulation and red tape. We can't tax our way out of this hole. Small government works.

Reprioritizing Our Classrooms
We spend an awful lot of money on education and we don't get acceptable results. Let's focus on creating a strong public school system by redirecting money back into the classroom, and creating choices for parents and students. Not every student learns the same way, so let's not have a one-size-fits-all educational system.

Holding Government Accountable
Government works for us and needs to be transparent, as well as fiscally responsible. I work hard to keep spending in check and accountable and to make sure that IT projects are kept focused and on budget. A government that fails the transparency test is almost surely up to no good.

Safeguarding 2nd Amendment Rights
We need to stand tall against those who present simplistic solutions and defend the right to bear arms steadfastly. This right is not just about hunting or target shooting, or even about personal protection -- it is fundamental to our very freedoms.

Upholding Immigration Laws
Border security is so important for so many reasons. Current policies leave us vulnerable to national security threats, and present overwhelming costs to our social safety nets, schools, and healthcare systems. What's really maddening is that not only are we failing to uphold the law, in many cases we openly flout the law through sanctuary cities and handouts to illegal aliens.

Protecting Human Life and Dignity
We can never forget those who are weakest among us -- those who are unable to speak for themselves or care for themselves. My party began as a movement to abolish slavery and I am proud to walk in that tradition which respects all life from the unborn to the disabled to the very old. As a society, we will be judged by how we care about the least among us.

Standing For Freedom
What makes our country great is the great freedoms we enjoy. It seems that more and more, our governments at all levels want to deny us freedom, tax us more and spend excessively. I choose to stand for freedom for all the citizens of Oregon.